Original Equipment Manufacturer. These parts have a warranty and guarantee on quality. We only install OEM parts. We value quality and longevity, each repair with Plano Appliance Repair comes with a 90 day parts and labor warranty for the part installed.

Many appliances can be repaired same day. If a part has to be ordered, there is a 3-5 day turn around time. We prioritize these calls to get taken care of as swiftly as possible and as soon as we can get our hands on your special order part.

Currently we are serving most of Plano, Allen, Mckinney, Richardson, Carrollton, Frisco and some parts of far North Dallas. Give us a call and we can get you on our map to see if we can make it out to you today! We are looking for new technicians to expand our service area. If we cannot help you, we can connect you with a quality service that can.

It’s hard to say exactly these days. They sure don’t make them like they used to. Models with the fewest buttons and options often break down the least and are the most affordable too have fixed. Refrigerators with more control boards are pricier to fix and tend to have longer wait times (a year or more sometimes) on parts.

Each appliance is different and has a different life span. The answer will also depend on how high end your appliance is in respect to the repair needed. At John’s we believe in shooting straight and being honest about repairs, if your appliance is better off being replaced, we’ll let you know. A good rule of thumb is if the repair costs less than 50% of the cost of a replacement, go with the repair. We rather fix your appliance once when it needs fixing rather than you calling us back 4 times for repeating issues and getting upset with us. Give us a [button] call or shoot us an [button email] with your specific appliance and we can tell you more.

Sometimes builders or installers fail to install a “high loop”. Look under your sink, if this is the case, you need to call a plumber. We recommend Legacy Plumbing.

Don’t use amazon! Those are often cheap imitation parts that are identical to the naked eye to the real factory certified parts. We make no claim to the accuracy of the parts you choose on your own and we have the right to deny work on appliances that you may have wrenched on yourself. We cannot verify you have installed OEM factory certified parts. It can make the issue worse instead of better and cause complications down the road if done incorrectly, voiding any warranty we give on our repairs.

Generally speaking, the one with the most simple and few buttons is best. Less chances for things to break. Brands are always coming out with new models, some great, some not so great. Call us and we are h